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Coaching For Growth

"Coaching has provided an invaluable method of developing managers within our organisation. One-to-one input from a third party, independent to the person's line manager, has proven a very useful tool in improving performance."

An HR director

Coaching is one of the most powerful management tools you can master. Done properly it produces a continual cycle of personal and business growth. So whether you are being coached yourself to shed new light on, say, performance or communication issues, or whether you are developing the coaching skills of your managers and front line supervisors you will maximise the effectiveness of everyone’s contribution.

Managers find that improving their coaching skills helps them transfer knowledge and guide their staff in on-going development. As a result, staff will be better motivated, be more resilient and have a clear understanding of what is expected. The ABC of developing people is a model for success.

"Through frank and honest discussion Loraine has helped managers identify goals, improve both personal confidence and competence and achieved positive outcomes for our business."

An HR director

I offer personal coaching to Directors, managers and staff wishing to do their job better or who are facing change or reorganisation. In addition I offer coaching skills training to groups in various modules, including Institute of Leadership Management certificate courses.

Mentoring trainers

My wide experience of running a training department and designing and delivering courses means I am also able to offer specialised mentoring to training and development staff keen to get the very best results from their work.

Some people may prefer to work within the more informal environment of my “Coaching Cafe” sessions for individuals.

Programs at a glance

1. Personal development sessions (face to face, on line or by phone)

When things feel stuck, an external perspective and expertise can shed fresh light on performance or communication issues and suggest new ways to address them. Confidential, supportive coaching helps individuals re-assess a situation and gain new skills to take things forward.

Having agreed goals at the outset, the approaches used in each session are selected to meet the outcome. It may be starting with Solution Focus or taking a look at Myers Briggs Type Indicator or exploring some new management techniques. You leave the session with agreed actions and new techniques to try out, reflect on, and review on subsequent occasions.

Too busy to meet? Well the on line sessions work over an 8 week period and can be accessed and worked on 24/7. Available individually or speak to me for an organisation package.

Duration: two-hour face to face sessions at fortnightly or monthly intervals works well, the newly available on line facility offered through Coaching interactive offers a fabulous way to get speedy progress.

2. Manager development sessions

Coaching skills training to develop a coaching culture

Developing the coaching skills of your managers and front-line supervisors will maximise everyone’s contribution. Managers find coaching techniques are the most effective way to transfer skills, improve performance and ensure their staff’s on-going development. The result is better motivated staff who have a clear understanding of what is expected from them.
These training modules provide an opportunity to develop and practice new skills and techniques .

Duration: Designed for you: half-day workshops to three-day programmes.

3. Mentoring for trainers

Whether it’s help with designing a training workshop or assistance with presentation and delivery, mentoring for trainers can be one-off or on-going. Expertise and ideas to enliven delivery, improve techniques and confidence and achieve results are just a phone call or email away.

A newly established facilitator experienced first hand how telephone and email coaching works:

"Loraine's coaching has been hugely beneficial to me as I have devised my first workshops and training sessions. I talked through a workshop I had to run and gained a wealth of practical ideas. We designed the programme on the phone, I sent some draft information by email and we agreed the activities. In an hour I had a result, and then ran a very successful workshop."

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