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Solution Focused Management

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"As ever, your input was insightful and useful in more ways than those anticipated. The experiments with visioning will help us when working with other parties and the tips you gave us will help us day-to-day."

Strategic planning officer from a London borough

As a highly experience facilitator, I believe Solution Focus is one of the most powerful tools you can use to get ‘buy in’ to a vision or strategy, to resolve conflicts, clarify objectives and discover mutual benefits. It produces results that are always practical, possible and inspirational.

I have facilitated team awaydays throughout London, the home counties and the north west of England, and in many fields including social housing, the public sector and private enterprise.

I also teach facilitation skills so you can run your own successful meetings and public or client focused consultations.

Facilitated Team Awaydays or Reviews
These are tailored to accommodate your organisation’s culture, team dynamics and required outcome. These Solution Focus events are brilliant for strategic planning sessions and as part of change processes and the result will be re-energised and clearly focused teams.

"The team awayday had a quite significant impact... the team have been more constructively positive with two members undertaking a presentation this week - a real breakthrough!"

Facilitating change with a team especially when externally imposed and causing disruption or cut backs?

Then speak to me to discover how a session can be structured to manage change positively both with individuals and at the team level. A team awayday or workshop can build on strengths and develop a map to point the way forward. Inspiring fresh energy and motivation enables team members to address their future in the context of team performance.

"The overall feedback was very positive and energy levels have really improved as a result. So, I will certainly keep you in mind for other work Loraine, and I am very grateful for the preparation you managed to put in at such short notice."

Facilitated Conflict Resolution Sessions
This provides a supportive environment in which to understand and reconcile differences. Solution Focus facilitation directs everyone’s energy towards a positive, and timely, result. In addition Myers Briggs Type Indicator MBTI analysis is sometimes useful in identifying conflicting patterns of behaviour and indicators for change.

Facilitated Practice Improvement Sessions Using Positive Deviance
The Positive deviance approach is used world wide in health settings and is spreading in its application. Looking for the exceptions and finding what works in some small way, positive deviance techniques are simple to learn and have outstanding results.

In any setting, team, organization, or community, someone somewhere is doing something successful, and positive deviance sessions unearth those successes and amplify them. This is a source of learning for the rest of the community. The key to successful change is enabling self-discovery and ownership. Positive deviance facilitates that process in a simple, speedy, and highly effective manner .

Facilitated Resident and User Group Meetings
These can be invigorated with a fresh approach and energy. Creative techniques encourage wide participation and an external, impartial facilitator will change the group dynamics.

"Loraine has an extremely friendly and personable manner and put everyone at ease. She appreciated everyone has a different style... and worked to achieve realistic goals for each individual - she did not use a one-size-fits-all approach."


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