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Get back to – or move on in–work

Personal Coaching with LK Developing People means:
Personal attention
Respecting differences
20-years experience

LK Developing People is all about
Developing confidence
Solutions not problems
Handling change
Good communication
Developing skills

LK Developing People is
Practical & Pragmatic

At a pace and place to suit you

Get back to – or move on in–work

"I came away with so many ideas and am inspired to get started. I can now see how my skills could fit into other jobs and places I had never thought about."

Do you want...

  • Some support while getting back to work or changing direction?
  • Help with thinking through how your skills can fit the changing world of work?
  • Fresh ideas on how to juggle career and family?
  • An up-to-date approach to putting a CV or job application together?
  • More confidence for interviews?
  • Tips for interview preparation?
  • Ideas to get you started on the change you want to make?

Working with me

You can join in a small friendly group for 2 hours over three weeks or attend a more formal full- or half-day session. If you prefer, you can arrange your own group or even have a personal one-to-one session to focus on your needs.

Whether you want to get back into work after a break, or you need to look for new career directions, these short courses will help. And for the cost of a visit to the hairdressers or a new pair of shoes you will get personal attention and focus on what is possible for you plus inspiration and support in continuing your career journey.

Find out more call: Loraine 07967 353 638 today.

Booking for sessions in Buckinghamshire now being taken;

Starting in October, repeated in January we have 3x2 hour Getting Back to Work sessions on Tuesday mornings and a half day focusing on Taking a Fresh look at your career.

Enquires welcomed for other dates and to provide the sessions at your venue or for your group.

Recent Clients

"I have a plan of action now and some practical things to focus on over the next year whilst my youngest child is still at home."
"My sessions with Loraine really helped me to identify my competencies and evaluate the direction that I wanted to take my career. I had the added challenge of balancing my wishes to spend time with my family with some financial independence and fulfilment."

Here are Loraine’s tips to get you started.

  • Break out of the box and think differently.  List what you are good at.  Include being in charge of the household accounts, running a football team  or organising the daily school run. Most people under estimate their day to day experiences and skills gained.
  • Forget the ‘old job’ and spend some time thinking about what you enjoyed and were good at whilst in work. How can you use the present situation to update your skills?
  • Can you match your skills to a different work environment? A city banker needn’t always be a city banker. A receptionist with experience of being a Mum will be even more appreciated in a specialist environment, such as a health centre or school. In today’s tough climate, skills are valued in a different way.
  • Find a friend, ex colleague or support network to boost your confidence and support you in finding work. Consider getting some specialist career’s advice.

  • Update your CV and present yourself in the best possible way. Believe the skills you have gained whilst being out of the workplace or in a different career are an asset and that you can achieve the work/life balance and job satisfaction that you want.
"Loraine's sessions also have given me the confidence to make further changes as time goes on. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is re-evaluating their career or re-entering the work force after some time off."

Enquiries for sessions in Bucks Berks and Oxon now being taken;

In the Autumn and New Year we have 3x2 hour Getting Back to Work sessions on Tuesday mornings and a half day focusing on Taking a Fresh look at your career.

Personal sessions on Getting that Job, practise interviews and preparing for presentations always available. Contact me to find out more. .

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