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LK Developing People

LK Developing People has particular understanding of
Small businesses
Public sector organisations
Arts sector
Health sector
Social housing

Working in the community
Career change

Use LK Developing People for
Team building
Learning Bites
Solution-focused facilitation
Conference and workshop facilitation
Performance improvement
Training your trainers
Consultation exercises
On line coaching
Strategic reviews
Team awaydays
Personal development
Learning Bites
Conflict resolution
Coaching and mentoring

LK Developing People offers
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Interactive coaching
Level B psychometrics
Positive deviance
Licensed coach
Solution Focus

LK Developing People is
Practical & Pragmatic

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At LK Developing People, a focus on solutions holds the all-important key to increasing the potential of your business, your teams and your own professional style.

Under the leadership of Loraine Kennedy MBA, LK Developing People offers training, coaching, mentoring and facilitation that is personal to you and has the over-arching objective of leaving you with a structure that is more robust, creative and positive.

This company has a particular understanding of small businesses, public sector (including social housing), higher education, trainer development and personal performance. And equally the techniques have brought greater fulfilment to individuals dealing with a career change or life transitions.

The emphasis is always on offering tailor-made programmes that increase people’s performance and motivation to embrace change

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