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LK Developing People has particular understanding of
Small businesses
Public sector organisations
Arts sector
Health sector
Social housing
Working in the community
Career change

Use LK Developing People for
Team building
Solution-focused facilitation
Conference and workshop facilitation
Performance improvement
Training your trainers
Consultation exercises
On line coaching
Team awaydays
Strategic reviews
Personal development
Learning Bites
Conflict resolution
Coaching and mentoring

LK Developing People offers
Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Level B psychometrics
Positive deviance
Interactive coaching
Licensed coach
Solution Focus

LK Developing People is
Practical & Pragmatic

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"Things are slowly moving forward and I am learning all the time what it is I really want to do and what is it that makes me happy. I needed you to make me see that was what I really wanted to do."

Experienced teacher wanting to make change

Do you want...

  • Time and space to re-focus?
  • To achieve your full potential?
  • Continued personal growth?
  • To understand yourself and others better?
  • Be valued for your contribution?
  • Approach change in a positive way?
  • Get back into work?
  • Get different work?

Working with me you will see how to overcome your personal barriers and develop new skills and insights. Call for an informal chat on 07967 353 638 or find out more on: coaching café, training, MBTI or getting/changing work

"Thank you so much Loraine for your help with my cv and preparation. I am now confident I can give the best possible interview."

Chief Executive of voluntary sector organization


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