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Learning Bites
Learning Bites

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Learning Bites
Learning Bites



"A really dynamic trainer, Loraine’s style and energy made this an excellent action-packed session and I came away with so many new techniques to try."

I have developed a series of proven and specialised management skills courses in the areas of communication, resilience, influencing, motivation and facilitation. Using key aspects of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Solution Focus techniques, they are designed to give participants practical and immediate skills and techniques and, most importantly, increased confidence and motivation to succeed and to develop others.

Each course can be uniquely tailored to the needs of your organisation. Most are full-day programmes but for short, subject-specific training, see my 2-4 hour Learning Bites.

"I thought the day worked very well and more than met our expectations. The walk and talk after lunch was valuable as a means of getting pairs together in a manner that seldom happens at work. The pictures you gave out as a prompt for describing personal positions also worked very well, I thought."

Courses at a glance.

1. Would you like your staff to be better at communicating with, and influencing, co-workers and customers?

This unique one-day course incorporates valuable Neuro Linguistic Programming and Solution Focus techniques. Participants leave with an effective tool kit for enhancing communication, reducing conflicts and getting more focused results.

COURSE THEME: communicating and influencing

2. Would effectively run meetings and consultations increase your success?

Busy managers know that being able to run effective meetings and consultation exercises with teams, clients and partners is crucial to success.
This course delivers a specific range of techniques and approaches that participants can take away and use with confidence and success.

COURSE THEME: facilitation skills

3. Do you know that the brain works best in response to a question?

Powerful questioning awakens us to possibilities. So, whether influencing others, motivating staff or getting yourself moving, questions are the answer! This course delivers a host of highly useful questions and examples of how to use them for maximum impact. Harnessed properly, they encourage a more collegiate style of working as team leaders coach themselves and others to perform beyond current expectations.
The course is highly interactive and delegates leave with a powerful new skill and a workbook packed with practical applications.
COURSE THEME: powerful questions for powerful performance

4. Do you want to improve presentations to committees or boards, user groups and customers?

Presenting to board and committee members can be pretty daunting, but it is essential for success. Similarly if you want to be sure customer or user groups really understand your point of view, you have to present your case effectively and in a way that suits them. This course focuses on three key areas:

  • Preparation: different audiences have different wants and needs, how these influence presentation structure and style of delivery.
  • Delivery: knowing the strengths of your style, learning to use body, voice and language. Combating nerves. Using support materials effectively.
  • Confidence: how to deal with group behaviour and handle questions and challenges.

This course is full of practical tips participants can take away and use immediately. Individual tuition and support can be included as part of the programme.

COURSE THEME: convincing presentations

5. Is performance flagging because staff are unhappy about their work-life balance? Or do they need to become more resilient to life’s challenges?

These workshops show participants how to develop resiliency, identify, address and sustain personal changes that will both increase energy levels and help maintain a healthy work-life balance. Both are necessary for improved motivation and workplace performance. The workshops can be usefully integrated with our other courses.

COURSE THEME: Change for work-life balance and motivation and resiliency

Additional courses

  • Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) Certificate courses for team leaders See coaching for growth
  • Coaching skills training to develop a coaching culture See coaching for growth
  • Facilitation Skills Training Day Take a fresh look at how to be successful and learn techniques for managing group dynamics. See facilitation
  • Developing and sustaining Resiliency especially useful in times of change. See learning bites
  • Tools for speedy responses when under pressure
  • Positive deviance: facilitation for improving practices
"The training is useful in so many ways, I feel much more confident approaching staff, and I am so proud I finally got my certificate, my first since leaving school many, many years ago!"

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