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Myers Briggs Type Indicator

"Wow, why didn't I know this stuff years ago? Everyone should do this!."

I often use Myers Briggs Type Indicator analysis and feedback for personal development sessions because it has an unbeaten reputation for illuminating your preferred ways of interacting with other people and of processing information. As a licensed practitioner I offer a revealing, and valuable, 2-hour MBTI analysis session for individuals who are facing change. I also include it as part of management development and in half day workshops for teams and in conflict resolution facilitation. See also coaching for growth

How is this useful to you or your team?
Understanding your MBTI will provide a useful tool to ensure you communicate with impact; allow you to address personal blocks to effectiveness; and increase awareness of your strengths.

How will you benefit?
You will leave our discussion with a deeper understanding about what makes you tick in certain situations and what is happening ‘deep down’ when under stress, or when communicating. You will be able to recognise your own patterns of behaviour and those of others and develop your resiliency when under pressure.

How will your team benefit?
Discover how your team members’ different profiles affect your working styles, your communications and your relationships. A 3-hour team session maps preferences and identifies effective team-working patterns. This is a useful tool for any working group – and can be fun too!!

What do leaders take away?
MBTI provides a vital insight into your leadership style and what others appreciate about you and what they find a challenge. When you understand the impact of your style you can better address any area of development. MBTI also provides a cornerstone of leadership development programmes run in conjunction with associate Liz Macalister.

What is Myers Briggs Type Indicator?
Your MBTI is discovered through a respected and proven questionnaire and discussion of its results. This provides an insight into your preferred way of interacting with others, your decision-making processes and how you ‘make sense’ of new information. This can be linked to your leadership style, your communication patterns and how you react to stress and change.

MBTI with LK Developing People
Administered under licence by a qualified and experienced coach, the results are a starting point for a confidential dialogue and exploration which will give you new insights about yourself and others. You will also see how to use these insights to good effect in many areas of your life.

To start the ball rolling, phone or email with any questions, book a 2-hour slot and I will send a questionnaire for you to complete.
Call Loraine on 07967 353638 or email

"The team MBTI session was more than twice as interesting and helpful as the last one I was involved in. Everyone is still talk about it now - positively! Thanks to you Loraine."

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