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A solution focus approach is based on finding out what works for individuals teams and organizations and exploring how existing situations can be improved by using previous success or the experiences of others. The focus is very much on facilitating forward movement be it with new solutions or re-energised motivation to break out of a comfort zone.

Positive deviance uses similar techniques and practices but looks for the exceptions to the undesirable situation. In any setting, team, organization, or community, someone somewhere is doing something successful, which can be a source of learning for the rest of the community.

Where does it work?
In Africa community facilitators found those exceptions where a child was not malnourished or water not contaminated and used the ‘on the ground’ positive practices to spread the word.

In North America hospital practices that reduced or eradicated MRSA were unearthed on a team-by-team basis using the positive deviance approach, so that others could learn ‘what works’ in their particular situation.

This contrasts with an organization wide imposed solution that may not work in every situation thus often failing to inspire people to maintain new practices.

How does it work?
A critical part of the success of these approaches is involving all the relevant people in creating the solution that fits. Short, well-facilitated discussions, prove invaluable in changing behaviours and consolidating new practices that have been devised and found working by those ‘on the ground’.

What next?
Lina Skantze and Loraine Kennedy are facilitating these approaches and offer a flexible format for working in Europe. We can come to your workplace and provide a short session to enable a team to devise new working practices or offer a chance for your facilitators to acquire these skills.

Discover how positive deviance, a simple process, will be of value.

Find out more call: Loraine 07967 353 638 today.

Enquiries for sessions in Bucks Berks and Oxon now being taken.

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